Being primarily a game farming operation and having to manage numbers we have 20 species available for hunting: eland, sable, waterbuck, kudu, oryx, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, hartebeest, blessbuck, springbuck, roan, duiker, steenbuck, lynx, jackal, baboon, cheetah, berg zebra and impala.
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“Walk and stalk”. Should any hunting guest have disabilities or other problems in this regard, we will try to accommodate their wishes.

Bow hunting
Before any bow hunting takes place, the respective hunter will have to prove his/her skills on targets. We constructed hides at natural waterholes, where up to 4 people can comfortably be accommodated for a few hours. The shooting distance from the hide to the water is about 30 yards. “Walking and stalking” is also possible on several areas on the farm, but keep in mind that hunting from the hide is much more accurate. The following bows are allowed in Namibia: compound; long bow and recurve.

Firearms and ammunition
It is recommended that you bring your own firearms. Should you not want to go through all the trouble of importing rifles, it is possible to rent a rifle at the farm. We have the following riffles available; .243; .300 Weatherby Magnum; .375; .500/.416.

Trophy information
We are responsible for the proper field preparation of your trophies and transport to the local taxidermist of your choice, for dipping and packing. Your taxidermist must inspect trophies within 30 days of receipt and any problems must be relayed to the Namibian taxidermy and us within this time. No responsibility for damage or loss will be accepted after this period.

For more essential information on hunting, hunting regulations and standards in Namibia, please visit: Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA)
Panorama Rock is situated on top of an approx 150m high hill in the middle of a 3000 ha game camp...
Panorama Rock is a holiday paradise for the whole family.