Dear clients, friends, and family
we are rushing towards 2018 at quite a speed, and would like to share a bit of our highs and lows of 2017.
Game Management
After our devastating 2016 agricultural and economic drought, during which it was touch and go for our animals, and businesses, we were blessed beyond belief with good rainfalls, at least in many regions of Namibia. Panorama Rock had a whopping average of 580 mm. The blackthorn bushes were in full blossom in August this year already! As result, at least we had a blooming tourism season in Namibia, and thanks to our visitors, a good year in our hunting season.
All our clients were very happy with the quality of their trophies. Thanks Gert, Sandri and Gunnar!
For our totally separate rare species breeding Program, we took advantage of the deteriorating game market, and refreshed our roan and sable gene pools. Young roan heifers were bought from our friends in the neighbourhood.
We were also granted a leopard tag, for those of you who might be interested. Gert has on three separate occasions sighted Leopard on the farm, and many tracks of Leopard are spotted regularly unfortunately, we also lost four cattle calves to Leopard.
Beautiful groups of huge kudu bulls are sighted more often, which is a relief. Kudu rabies did its rounds again, and it was impossible to tell what damage it did to trophy kudus. We once again hired a veterinarian and a helicopter and vaccinated some 150 Kudu and this time also vaccinated about 50 Eland. This decision was based on the successes of previous years.
The annual giraffe capturing was quite exciting to watch, especially getting the giraffes awake enough to be loaded after they were darted. Did you know when a giraffe’s head is lower than his heart it might die? Thus, observing the experienced capturing team was really educational, too.
Two groups of Zebra were fighting and they left a little zebra foal behind, luckily our neighbours took it and is raising it by hand to free it in the herd again at a later stage.
During 2017, we had an unexpected visit from a stray camel, which disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. We still do not know where he came from. The “three wise men” was also missing.
The Lodge & Management
The new staff sanitation facilities, with new hot water showers, water toilets and laundry troughs were completed and the newly built clay pigeon shooting range proved to be quite a hit amongst our guests as an alternative to hunting every day. We also extended the farm barn, to provide covered parking, for our hunting vehicles. This is an important investment, as in our Namibian sun, it is fatal for any car left exposed to the elements.
Panorama Rock hosted a wine tasting at the lodge. Groote Post Wine Estate, which is situated on the Cape West Coast, close to Cape Town, in South Africa made some red and white wines available for tasting, and introduced them to us in a very professional way. It was a wonderful evening with many good things. Good spirit, - food, -wine, - friends and a good party. You will get an opportunity to enjoy some of these cultivars at the lodge on your next visit.
Gert and Sandri had a tough start to the beginning of 2017, putting FC in grade 1 and leaving him at boarding school. FC adapted extremely well, which made it a bit easier for mom and dad to deal with the situation. He also started to play cricket and shows a lot of talent.
Charl, our little explorer, and adventure-creator, decided he is a lion at the moment, so Sandi feeds a hungry little lion at home. He is also running on all fours, and we can’t help to wonder what he will imitate next? Before this, he was doing the baboon act!
Easter this year was a highlight once again. Sandri topped herself, her menu and decorations for Easter were divine! Absolutely stunning.
After a crash- course in riding, Gert made his debut to hunting on horseback, an unforgettable experience to our hunters, and to you, an opportunity to hear even more funny stories on your next visit.
Our Guests
Between Gert, Sandri and Marinda we drove a few tours with guests this year, which was very enjoyable. We even had a solar eclipse this year.
Four legged companions
Zolero, Marinda's dressage stallion had to retire at the age of 14 because he has arthritis.
Marinda also met up with her cousin from Portugal, Desire du Pisanie and arranged Weightless riding clinics in Namibia. She is very excited about this angle on riding. Stefanus is the new horse guy on the farm, taking care of the horses.
Google became dad on father’s day! That led to getting the pick of the litter, Sancho, who will now also become part of the hunting team as he grows up.
Baron has a lot of health problems lately, and at 10 years of age, Google is also showing signs of fatigue and old age injuries. He, by the way also had a ligament operation, and is recovering well.
In the Jensen family, Gunnar's dearest mother, passed away in April after a very short sickbed. She is missed dearly by all family members and friends.
One of our guests, Lize Rossouw, sadly passed on after losing a courageous battle with cancer. We at Panorama Rock salute you and it was not only a pleasure, but an honor to have met you, your friends and family. Our heartfelt condolences go out to husband Kerneels and sons Neels and Ruben.
The Jensens
As for the rest of the Jensens, it was quite a full year. It started off in January with Gunnar doing his annual hunt in Hungary, and Marinda spent a few days horse riding with Volmers in Wülfrath.
After this the annual hunting show, “Jagd und Hund” started, where we saw quite a few dear friends and even family again.
When the Jaspowa hunting show in Vienna was cancelled for March 2017. Gunnar and Marinda had no other choice than to explore Vienna together with Volker and Britta Pick for a week. Great company, and we fell in love with this beautiful old city.
Martina and Bernd Fichtinger were so kind to show us more of Vienna the one day.
In May Marinda, Gunnar and Bergran, went to America. Mainly New York, Washington DC and Florida. It was an eye opener to the friendliness and openness of the Americans. The highlights were New York, the cruise liner, Harmony of the Seas, our Mexican, Jamaican and Haitian excursions and Vero Beach with Joe and Cynthia. If Bergran had the choice, he would make the cruise liner his new home. NASA was very interesting. Disneyworld is one time must see and nicely done.
Sören went to America with his friends on a Contiki tour to see Los Angeles, San Francisco, Yellow stone and Grand Canyon. Comparing notes... America is a lovely country.
Sören managed to come and visit us in September. We took the opportunity to go tiger fishing and camping as a family at Okaquito in Okavango. We enjoyed it even without the one cooler box with all the nice stuff. It was very special, and we all envied Gunnar's biggest fish, Sören' caught the most fish.
Sören is trying to balance out studies, sport, social life and perusing a new business venture, parallel to a new relationship. He is doing well and makes us proud.
We are also very proud of Bergran, who became National champion 2017, in under 14 road racing and MTB. He also took part in the selected schools team of Namibia, racing in Magaliesburg.
2018 is going to become an exciting year for him, as he is starting high school at a new school, Windhoek Gymnasium. We are holding thumbs that it was the right decision and wish him just the best.
That’s in a nutshell. We hope to hear from you, or see you in the near future at your house or Panorama Rock! Remember, if you invite us, you better mean it, because we normally take up these invitations.
Panorama Rock is situated on top of an approx 150m high hill in the middle of a 3000 ha game camp...
Panorama Rock is a holiday paradise for the whole family.