Yet another busy, but blessed year has gone by, and we have lots to tell about the happenings at Panorama Rock. Both our families and all our dogs are healthy, which is the most important thing.
The Jensens
Beginning of 2015, Gunnar and Sören went on a father-son hunting trip in Hungary with some friends. Afterwards Sören stayed in Europe for a gap year, where he worked in a few companies and travelled around Europe a bit as well. He returned from Germany in November, and we are happy to have him back with all his freshly gained life skills. He will be starting with his studies in Management accounting in 2016 in Stellenbosch.
Gunnar and Sören hunting in Hungary
Sören in Europe
Bergran our champ
Bergran took his mountain biking quite serious this year and became the Namibian National champion under 12 boys. He also started guitar lessons in 2015 and is in grade 6 next year.
Gunnar had a busy year at the business, and opened a new satellite store in Walvisbay. Marinda was mostly busy with Sören's university applications, her mother's 80th birthday party as well as setting up dressage courses amongst the tour planning for our Panorama Rock guests.
At the end of July both Gunnar and Marinda went with some friends to see the big migration in Tanzania as well as the Gorillas in Uganda. They say it was an unforgettable experience and a must for everybody’s bucket list.
The great migration in Tanzania
Gorillas in Uganda
The Oliviers
Gert and Sandri represented Panorama Rock at the Jaspowa hunting exhibition in Vienna in April 2015. Afterwards, they went skiing in Schruns with our friends. They say it was great fun.
Gert , like Gunnar, is convinced that he also only wants to Après-ski!!.
Gert and Sandri skiing
With friends in Schruns
Other than that, Gert arranged for the building of his mother's new house on their farm. Sandri arranged 2 wonderful birthday parties for her kids, and assisted with her brother in law's 30th birthday party arrangements at Blumfelde. Charl and FC are growing up quickly. FC will be on the farm this year preparing for grade one in 2017.
The Lodge & Game Management
Gert did a great job getting our Roan and Sable camps safe from predators, by electrifying the fences. At last our Sables and the Roans numbers are on the increase, they are having calves! We are very excited.
During May the Jensens and Oliviers went to the Nampo, a huge agricultural exhibition in South Africa. There, we have bought a baling machine, a chipper machine and a circular rake. The plan is to plant more grass and a bit of luzern for our own use in times of drought.
On your way to Lodge, you will notice that Gert has installed a cattle gate for everybody's convenience.
The main building got a beautiful new buffet table beginning of this year, to enable Sandri to spoil you even more with her culinary expertise. We gave our chalets a bit of a new feel too, including brand new solar geysers for your comfort.
New cattle gate
New buffet table
Our expanded hunting team did us proud. Sandri's first hunting season kept her quite busy. Being a multitalented colleague, it all went smoothly between hunting, cooking, massaging and kids. Congratulations!
Our de-bushing project was a huge success as, we are planning to gain a lot more grazing, by getting rid of the Swarthaak bush. Only little grass was growing underneath the bushes, and it was impossible to penetrate those areas before when walking and stalking. We will use our new Chipper machine to chip the Swarthaak, and the chips can be mixed with other food to feed the game if necessary, during dry periods.
Back at the ranch, we have built a vegetable tunnel to provide for our own supply of vegetables at the lodge. Bio vegetables, here we come!
On the poultry side our geese hatched 30 chicks this year!
Our Guests
During June, two journalists, Andre and Adina, came from Germany to our lodge, where we experimented with many venison dishes amongst all other activities. They wrote a very positive article, which was published and you can read the full article in “Jagdzeit International Vol2/ 2015 “about all their experiences at Panorama Rock.
More family outings...
In June 2015 both our families went along for the big walk at Bergran's school (DHPS), and it was great fun walking the 20 km. Make no mistake, it was exhausting!
Not only did we walk together, but attended the Nina farmer society's Cycle race together during September 2015. Gunnar, Bergran and Sandri completed 30 km. Marinda 10km. Bergran was the first child u/12, Sandri was second in the 30km and Marinda second in her section. Gunnar finished the race, but believed his bicycle’s saddle broke off during the last 7km, as he could not find a spot to sit anymore. Gert was on duty, waiting for us all with refreshments, whilst babysitting.
At the moment we are only holding thumbs for rain, and praying that the weather forecasts are all wrong about Elnino and the predicted drought for 2016.
We all at Panorama Rock are wishing you a Happy Christmas, and a prosperous 2016... and please drive safe wherever you go!
Panorama Rock is situated on top of an approx 150m high hill in the middle of a 3000 ha game camp...
Panorama Rock is a holiday paradise for the whole family.